Where can I get malpractice insurance?

For hands-on clinical experiences and some of our virtual programs, malpractice insurance is required. You may purchase this on your own or through AMO.
Most trainees find AMO's malpractice insurance to be the most affordable option. If you'd like to purchase malpractice insurance through AMO, you'll have the opportunity to do so once you reserve your clinical experience and move on to enrolling.
If you are planning to purchase this through a third party, please make sure you purchase from a trusted vendor and that the policy meets the following criteria:
  • Coverage extends throughout the entire duration of the clinical experience
  • Covers $1 million USD per claim/incident AND $3 million in total/aggregate coverage
  • Is valid in the USA or worldwide
  • Include "AMOpportunities, Inc." as well as your preceptor's name as "Additional Insured"
If you are a student and your school offers malpractice insurance, please also make sure that their policy meets those requirements as above.