How are hospitals and clinics different?

While hospitals and clinics are both important components of the U.S. healthcare system, they differ significantly. Below is a comparison of the differences.

One thing to keep in mind is that when searching for rotations, programs that take place inpatient are hospital-based. Outpatient programs occur at clinics. There is also the possibility that you find rotations that offer exposure to both settings. These can be great introductory experiences to a new healthcare system! 

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Comparing Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals Clinics
  • Larger, more services
  • Attend to serious medical cases

  • Offer surgical procedures

  • Open more hours, sometimes 24/7

  • Allow overnight stays 

  • Smaller, concentrated services
  • Provide routine appointments

  • Provide preventative care

  • Open during weekdays

  • Do not provide overnight stays