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How far before the preferred month of my AMO rotation should I apply?

Most visitors apply four to six months prior to the start of the clinical experience they are applying to. Applying this early gives them enough time to plan extra details of their rotation like housing and transportation. It also gives them the opportunity to get better deals on these items which generally increase in price the later they're booked.

At AMOpportunities, we have a hard deadline in which individuals must apply no later than 45 days prior to their rotation start date. Programs should be paid in full and all documents submitted within this time frame. Applying in advance allows applicants to meet the enrollment requirements and secure a visa.

If you're worried you can't meet these deadlines or need a program sooner, we recommend checking out one of our virtual rotations that allow you to rotate from home, have limited expenses, and can be planned with less notice. To view virtual rotations, click here