Does AMO support J1, F1, or H1B visas?

AMOpportunities provides a B1 visa invitation letter for four-week clinical rotations if the visitor is eligible. B1 visas are for temporary professional visitors to the United States. We do not provide support for those applying for a J1, F1 or H1B Visa.

Medical students are eligible to do their elective rotation through a B-1 visa as long as their school has authorized it; medical graduates are eligible for observership rotations. All applicants must show that they plan to stay for a specific amount of time and leave after, have the funds necessary to cover the expenses of the trip, reside outside of the U.S., can demonstrate they have sufficient ties to their home country and are otherwise admissible to the United States under the U.S. government’s vetting criteria.

While we cannot guarantee your visa eligibility with the United States government, we will provide you with the resources required to do well in a B-1 visa interview. Upon acceptance and reservation into one of our programs, we will provide placement and visa invitation letters to eligible applicants. This letter, addressed to the Consul General and outlining the basic premises of your clinical experience, can be used to start the visa process at the United States Consulate in your home country.

In addition to the AMOpportunities invitation letter, you will need a number of other documents for your visa interview. These documents include your CV, two forms of identification (at least your passport), an additional photograph for your visa, proof of address, last transcript, a letter from your school or dean indicating you are a student and authorizing your rotation (if you are a student), your medical degree and letter from your supervisor authorizing your rotation (if you are a graduate), and a DS160 Confirmation Page.