Does AMO offer housing or accomodation services?

We have resources to help you find accommodations during your rotation.

AMO provides resources that will help you find accommodations that fit your needs and are located near your rotation.

One option is through Airbnb, if you follow the link on your AMO dashboard, you will be provided with options that are close to your rotation site. You can then filter the results by your preferences such as budget and type of room.

The other option is through our homestay partner companies. You can find a link to them on the dashboard, and the homestay will match you with a kind and welcoming host located near your rotation site.

However, in the meantime you can click into the Program Details section in your application and scroll down that page to find a map that will show you the general area of your rotation. The map should give you a general idea of the area in which you should stay.
You are responsible for accommodation costs but your AMO coach will be available to provide you with guidance and answer questions you have during your search as well.