Why do I need malpractice insurance for my AMO rotation?

Malpractice or professional liability insurance is required for any visitor participating in a hands-on clinical experience and select virtual rotations.

This type of insurance can help protect you from claims against you should any arise during your rotation. This insurance is standard for all U.S. physicians and most healthcare professionals. 

If your program requires malpractice insurance you can purchase this through your AMO account for $199 USD per clinical experience. To do this, you'll need to log in to your AMO account, click "Dashboard" at the top, click into your active application, then scroll down to the malpractice section. 

If you have coverage through somewhere else (such as your medical school or employer), you can upload proof of your coverage and our team will review whether we'll accept it.

Minimum policy requirements:

  • $1 million USD in coverage per claim and $3 million USD in total/aggregate coverage
  • Coverage in the United States and for the entire duration of your rotation